Mariusz Brozek is a New York-based film and commercial director. He specializes in narrative storytelling and has written and directed several fiction short films that have gained recognition at over 50 international film festivals including Cannes, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Berlin. Recently his film Big Little Words won the Platinum Remi Award at WordFest Houston and The Hollywood Eagle Award for best short film at the Polish Film Festival Los Angeles.
Mariusz’s commercial work includes collaborations with renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Vans, Adidas, Allure, and Major League Baseball. His fashion videos have been featured on NYFW channels, and in publications Vogue and Wonderland.
With extensive international experience working in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and Europe, he brings a unique perspective to storytelling that informs his visual style. Originally from Poland, his directing style draws from a rich cinematic history of European filmmaking.
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