Wonderland Magazine Winter 23' Issue
A fashion film for the Wonderland Magazine shoot, Winter Issue 23'
Black Tape Project - NYFW 23'
A short documentary from New York Fashion Week SS 23'.
LEE LA - Episode II Collection
Fashion film and photo for LE LAA featuring Episode II collection.
Vogue Polska - "Guessing Tomorrow"
Fashion film from "Guessing Tomorrow" session featuring Louis Vuitton collection in 2022 December issue of Vogue Polska. 
Photo and video content for social media of the Allure Store.
Vans "Classic Since Forever" Young Leosia shares her inspirations coming from old-school DJ techniques and rap.
Vans "Classic Since Forever". An online campaign featuring Polish true school rapper W.E.N.A
Laundry Dream
The girl finds her soul mate during one dreamy laundry load. The soul takes her into a laundry machine to discover multiple realities and herself.
BreakThrough - Daisy Code
Models from different origins see the other world through the reflection of a cracked mirror.
WKNDRS + + Print All Over ME
Multicolor and multiethnic fashion editorial piece for WKNDRS.
FENNTESSA Swimwear - Party Animal
Fashion film for Fenntessa swimwear company out of Vancouver, Canada.
Adidas Superstar - Drift is my world
Influencer "Arrest Me I'm A Drift Girl" taking some spins in her Adidas Superstars.
Slope x FLIRT
Branded film catching couples' summertime romance in Coney Island, NY
Brotha Collective // The Devil sounds of skateboards
Skateboarding collective Brotha with some smokey jumps.
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